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Information disclosure

     Disclosure of information - a system of events carried out by issuers, aimed at informing shareholders, government agencies and other securities market participants about their financial and economic situation,     undertaken actions and other information provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation and regulatory acts on joint-stock companies, the securities market and the issue of securities.

    Joint-stock companies in their economic nature are participants of the securities market, the authorized capital of which is formed already at the stage of establishing the company by paying for the securities they place - shares.

Applications for conclusion of agreements
Standard contracts
Electricity transmission services

Information in the provision of public services by year

     Information must necessarily contain the name of the performer, his location, information about the state registration, the mode of work, the name, first name and patronymic of the manager.

The information provided should also contain addresses and telephone numbers of the dispatching, emergency or emergency dispatch services (posted on message boards located in all entrances of the apartment building      or within the land plot.